About us


Writing, Communication, Web: a trilogy of passions that, day after day, have been turned into a job, that could be defined as Web Content Manager.

I was born in Mount Lebanon, near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA), in 1974, while all around the world people were listening to Bob Marley’s song “No woman no cry” and Astor Piazzolla’s song “Libertango”. That’s probably why music is one of my main passions.
Although I always travelled a lot (travelling is another passion of mine), I grow up most of the time near Turin, where I got a degree in Communications, with a thesis about the movie trailer (cinema? Guess it: it’s another passion I have); after a course in Marketing and Communications in Milan, I started to work  in a Consulence New Media and Digital Press agency. Then, I came back to Turin, and I began to work for several web agencies.
Now, I’ve moved to Florida with my family, cause we love great challenges and we believe that life is a wonderful trip, that can be lived only with passion (have I already used this word?).

So, if you want to know how it is going to end, I suggest you to stay tuned and follow our blog…


I come from a tiny town on the sea in the center of Italy, where I happily lived until 18 years old.

When I started college, my nomad blood prevailed and I travelled a lot and moved continously: Ravenna, Pisa, Modena, Milano, Torino.

Half archaeologist and half teacher, I couldn’t find yet my place, and now I’m living new adventures in a new country.



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